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My favorite MIX07 sessions

May 8th, 2007 by Will Tschumy

Hi All,

So, for the record, a week in Vegas is really too long (at least for me).  When you measure your time at home in terms of hours, versus days or weeks, that’s too much travel.  All that said, it was so exciting to meet many of you, as well as listen to the community response to Silverlight, et al.

MIX had a ton of content – sifting through it can be a little bit of a challenge.  Here are my favorite picks.  You can see them all at sessions.visitmix.com.

Building Rich Web Experiences wuth Silverlight and Mirosoft Expression Studio for Designers with Celso Gomes

The Emotion of Customer Experience with Lou Carbone.  I met Lou at Adaptive Path’s MX conference, and was so impressed that I got him to come to MIX07.

Next Design 3.0 – Making sense of Design Now with GK VanPatter.  Garry’s stuff can be somewhat dense, but is truly amazing stuff.  If you dig into it, it will change your life (at least it did for me when Garry and I worked together at Scient).

Designing Rich Client Experiences with Expression Blend and WPF with Celso Gomes and Christian Schormann.  Another session with Celso – it’s disturbing how easy he makes it look!

Designing with AJAX: Yahoo! PAttern Library with Bill Scott.  Confession:  I didn’t see this session, but have heard over and over how good the talk is.  Bill is a friend, and a great guy – check it out!

I’m still trying to track down Kip Voytek’s excellent talk, as well as Clement Mok’s presentation on Agency 2.0.  I’ll put up the links when I get them.

Until the next time I find a hotspot…

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