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Speaking on launches – if you haven’t used eBay Simple Lister, what are you waiting for?!

June 20th, 2010 by Will Tschumy


As long as I’m ending my long spell of not blogging, I wanted to also make sure everyone knew about the recently launched eBay Simple Lister application, powered by Silverlight 4 and built by our fantastic partner, Cynergy.  Check out the video overview here:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

This video was taken at MIX10 this year.  Cynergy and the eBay Simple Lister were also featured at Sliverlight 4’s launch as well as Expression Studio 4’s launch at InternetWeek in NYC two weeks ago.

I was deeply involved in the project, co-leading it with my great colleague, Raj Ramabadran.  Working with Cynergy is consistently a great experience, and building an application like eBay Simple Lister was a lot of fun!  eBay Simple Lister is being rolled out to about 1/6th of eBay’s Casual sellers right now.  If you want to be sure to get it, check out http://pages.ebay.com/garden/srp/SimpleListerInstall.html

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